Top 10 Jordan Shoes Of 2017 For Under $100

March 26, 2018

welcome so in this video I’m going to be showing you guys the top 10 jordan shoes of 2017 that are under $100 a lot of you guys like the one that I did for just different brands in general so in this video I’m just going to be talking about the jordan brand and believe it or not Jordans don’t normally cost less than $100 so most if not all of these are going to be shoes that are on sale so their original price is going to be at least $100 ,cheap jordan 11,but you can basically find these shoes for less than that like somewhere like way less so I hope that you guys like this list I rated these shoes just solely on their appearance and their price but one cannot weigh the others so yeah just keep that in mind and if you want to be featured on my next video then go comment down below a request for a top 10 video but please make sure to put in the keywords top 10 in that video alright now let’s get started with this video and number 10 is to Jordan one flight for this shoe was inspired by the Air Jordan one.

but it ended up looking like a knockoff Jordan ones that tried too hard to look different reminds me of a Shaq shoe from Walmart at number nine is the jordan westbrook 0.2 this is a high-top sneaker that reflects Russell’s well known and always unique fashion sense it features panel suede on the upper that makes it luxurious it is more of a shoe for those with a high taste of fashion and number eight is to Jordan jump man team to the Jordan jump man team two debuted in 1998 ,cheap jordan shoes,the vintage sneaker carries many similarities to past Air Jordan models such as the Air Jordan 13 I personally dig this classic shoe but not all may like it at number seven is the air jordan melo m13 Carmelo Anthony’s 13 signatures basketball shoe has a nice clean design but the spikes on the side makes it look like a hardcore fashion shoe I think it is the best Jordan basketball shoe to wear off court at number 6 is the Jordan impact TR the impact TR offers push lawn for cushioning and a textile upper with fuse overlays that also may look weird to some but I think with some joggers these would look very nice now at number 5 is the Jordan reveal supposedly the successor of the Jordan Eclipse it comes with the same sole unit as the Eclipse but opt out for a mid cut upper.

it doesn’t look bad I was going to get one myself and number four is the air-drawn one mid simply put the high top version of this shoe is what started it all you can find plenty of Air Jordan 1 for under $100 but the mid is by far my most favorite one at number three is the Air Jordan 1 ultra high this updated ultra build removes any leather like materials and replaces them with lighter more breathable options as to all tried designation suggests if it wasn’t so expensive maybe it would be my most favorite Jordan one at number two is the Jordan eclipse ,cheap jordans for sale,the most favorite roshi like hue after the rosy era is this shoe from the Jordan Brand Jordan have made many versions of this shoe.

but the original is still the best and the cheapest finally at number one is the Jordan formula 23 Jordan’s newest off-court model is inspired by the Air Jordan 10 it uses an engineered mesh upper with the neoprene collar as well as an injected pollen foam midsole for a lightweight cushion setup I really like this design now,cheap jordans, that would be all for this video thank you for watching I know that these shoes are not really really cheap like a lot of them like are above 50 dollars and that is just because they are Jordans like Jordans are not cheap I still hope that you guys enjoyed this list don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe .