6 Things you didn’t know about Jordan Shoes

April 10, 2018

Jordan shoes are one of the famous footwear in the world. The Company “Nike” flourished in the late 80s and early 90s because of these shoes. Michael Jordan – the famous American basketball player was hired by Nike for the promotion of their sports shoes – which later became known as the Jordan shoes.

Today, there is a large variety of Jordon shoes. In today’s article, we are going to talk about 6 things you didn’t know about Jordan’s shoes. Read on!


Before the famous Jump man, there was another logo in 1985 known as Jordan Wrap Jumper. In the beginning, the Jordan Brand began using the well-known logo of the wings,cheap jordans, until its subsequent replacement by the emblem of the entire brand since then: the well-known Jump man.

Although the silhouette of Michael Jordan jumping through the air comes from a photoshoot that Nike made together with the star, there was a variant prior to this logo, printed on a shirt in the mid-80s and known as Jordan Wrap Jumper, much more detailed than the final version and turned upside down.


The cars have served as inspiration for several Air Jordan models. In addition to Michael’s passion for motor racing, it has also served as inspiration for several of the brand’s models, cheap jordans for sale,such as the similarity between the heel and a spoiler in the Air Jordan VI, the ventilation system of the XIV and XVIII models. 

It should be remembered in advance that in 1984, when he was about to sign his agreement with Nike, Michael asked for a car as part of his agreement. Until after several conversations, he could finally enjoy his car.


Between the Jordan I and II, hybrid custom shoes were launched. Michael broke his foot in 1985, so the brand decided to create a special intermediate version between the already known Air Jordan I and II. The hybrid edition of these combined the instep of 1 with the sole and cushioning of the II, so it was facilitated its change and Jordan recovered from his injury with a new record.


During 1985, Michael Jordan visited Italy and broke a backboard. The summer of 1985 will be remembered, among other player milestones, cheap jordan 11,for the promotional tour he made with Nike throughout Europe, visiting London, Paris, and Italy. It is in the Italian city of Trieste where they will remember him, in addition to his dull airs, for breaking a board during an exhibition match. This action has also had its commemorative moment with a special combination of Air Jordan I colors.


The Air Jordan VI served as inspiration for Batman’s boots. Hatfield also designed Batman’s boots for the sequel Batman returns with Tim Burton in 1992. To this end, the sixth Jordan in the collection inspired him when designing the superhero’s costumes.


The Air Jordan XII was the first to incorporate Zoom Air, with a design based on women’s shoes. 1997 meant for Michael Jordan to overcome disease and win the second consecutive three-time championship of the team. So in its design, it was tried to reflect its strength and confidence by incorporating Zoom Air cushioning for the first time, with a silhouette inspired by female shoes.

In conclusion, the best thing about Jordan shoes is that they are reliable, comfortable, and affordable. Today, you will find a large variety of cheap Jordans in the market. The availability of cheap Jordan shoes on the market makes them the best footwear, especially for young people.